RSS Feeds - relevant and timely information delivery

How do you get your information? Do you visit - whenever you remember or have time - your favourite websites? This is clearly very time-consuming and can frequently be fruitless. One solution is to use RSS feeds, which allow you simply to subscribe to the content of your favourite sites and have their updated content sent automatically to you (like milk delivered to your doorstep). Confused? Check out this lovely video:


So, to start using RSS feeds:
  1. Get an RSS 'reader'. The reader checks the feeds you are subscribed to and displays any new content. This means you don't have to check individual websites for updates - the reader does it for you. Typically a reader will automatically check for new content every hour.
  2. Subscribe to your favourite site (just once!) by clicking on the RSS button (it might say 'subscribe here' or 'add to your reader' or something similar, just look around the site and you'll get used to seeing them).
There's more about RSS here and there's a list of RSS Readers here - however, for myself, I use Google Reader because it ties in very nicely with all the other Google Applications - and it's also possible to share the feeds you subscribe to: I've added a few choice recent feeds more from my own subscriptions here. But , whichever reader you choose to use, don't forget subscribe to OLIA: Online Learning in the Arts! Just click here.