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Mind Maps for Learning: Collaboratively

I've used mind maps for a long time now (see example at my other blog) - although, I'm not sure that they "help make your life easier and more successful" (Tony Buzan, quoted in a nice Guardian article: Mind maps: rubbish in theory, but handy in practice), but they are a fantastic way to sort out complicated ideas and for organising and presenting information effectively. For example, this mind map presenting a number of useful aspects of 'The World of William Shakespeare' (Mind Map by David Creasey, Donna Kim-Brand & Anne Jones): Developments in online tools have made this handy tool even handier - for instance here at MindMeister (, where they have an intuitive, user-friendly online mind-mapping tool which supports any number of simultaneous users: simply create a mind map, share it with colleagues or with students, or get students to create a mind map together. There's a MindMeister tutorial video here.Some …

How to hide WebCT Sections

If you find you've just got too many WebCT 'sections' (courses) for your own good, then click on the pencil icon at the top right of the main 'MyWebCT' screen and click 'hide' on the appropriate button.

See this document for further explanation - or watch this video.