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Monday, 28 April 2008

Mind Maps for Learning: Collaboratively

I've used mind maps for a long time now (see example at my other blog) - although, I'm not sure that they "help make your life easier and more successful" (Tony Buzan, quoted in a nice Guardian article: Mind maps: rubbish in theory, but handy in practice), but they are a fantastic way to sort out complicated ideas and for organising and presenting information effectively. For example, this mind map presenting a number of useful aspects of 'The World of William Shakespeare' (Mind Map by David Creasey, Donna Kim-Brand & Anne Jones):

Developments in online tools have made this handy tool even handier - for instance here at MindMeister (http://www.mindmeister.com/), where they have an intuitive, user-friendly online mind-mapping tool which supports any number of simultaneous users: simply create a mind map, share it with colleagues or with students, or get students to create a mind map together. There's a MindMeister tutorial video here.

Some more on mind maps here and further examples of mind maps here and here.

And more mind mapping tools:

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