Gobbets Podcast

Sometime last year I came across a form of assessment I'd never encountered before and wanted to explore further at some point: the wonderfully titled 'gobbets'. Well, with the excellent guidance of Dr George Lukowski, this is it.

According to Wikipedia, a gobbet is "...an extract of text, or image, provided as a context for analysis, translation or discussion in an examination." The podcast interview with Dr Lukowski explores some of the background and purpose of gobbets as an assessment tool, specifically in Modern History, including suggestions for the best ways for students to approach them (and that's apart from 'with great caution'):

The Wikipedia link above also presents two references where you can find further guidance and here are a couple of examples of gobbets (and good gobbets at that, it is claimed) exploring the subject of "Stalinism and the War":


  1. I enjoyed the podcast: I think it is an engaging format to use. The more ways you can make a topic interesting the better. It works well here with the discussion. A video version would be good. Gobbets themselves are well explained here; I wish i'd known this info at A level when I had to do some and didn't really know what I was doing...! I found them tricky, but I can see that done well they can be useful exercises.

  2. Thanks very much - your encouragement is much appreciated!


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