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Web 2.0 for Collaboration and Learning: Presentation (3)

And the final presentation extract from the course is by Bethan Davies who talks about the Social Bookmarking service,

Web 2.0 for Collaboration and Learning: Presentation (2)

This next podcast from the course is by Laura Fenney and is on the subject of Google Reader:

Web 2.0 for Collaboration and Learning: Presentation (1)

The podcast here is a small extract from an in-class presentation by participants in the "Web 2.0 for Collaboration and Learning". This first one is by Dan Malt and is on the subject of blogging:

How to publish an embedded audio podcast in Blogger

This is only tricky and in need of a separate post because Blogger doesn't allow audio file posting, only video (booo!). So, here's a workaround:Convert your audio to a video file (I chose .wmv) by using Windows Movie Maker (see screencast below).Upload your video to your blog (be patient, this can take some time)Use the 'edit html' tab to change the 'height' of the embedded player to just 25Publish the postHow to convert audio files to video using Windows Movie Maker:

How to create a podcast

There are 7 steps to podcast heaven: Have a clear subject for the podcast, something interesting, engaging, passionate, perhaps
Decide format - single voice, one-to-one interview, group discussion, how long, include music, jokes...Prepare storyboard of podcast (if you wish)Record the podcast (with Audacity - see below)Clean it up (again, using Audacity) as appropriate, by taking out unwanted noises and pauses - although don't try to make it too 'perfect': the odd fluffed line or mistake, or background noises won't detract from your message and can often add a little humanityExport to MP3 (rather oddly, you'll need to download a little plug-in, the LAME MP3 encoder, but there is clear guidance here)Upload it to your blog and publish (see How to publish an embedded audio podcast in Blogger)

Download Audacity, a free, easy-to-use audio editor and recorder. It really is quite straightforward and you can usually just download audacity and begin to record…

What is a podcast and how can I get one?

As OliA has finally got round to podcasts (see Gobbets), I thought it might be a good idea to post on the subject. So, this first one introduces podcasting and shows how to subscribe to them.
What is a podcast?The word “podcast” is a portmanteau combining the words “broadcast” and “iPod”. It describes a very simple concept: an audio or video file available on the Internet for you to listen to and/or watch. However, the real power of podcasting is twofold:You don't have to go out looking for them - can subscribe to any podcast's RSS feed (see here) and it will be delivered to you whenever it is updated. You can listen/watch when it suits you and not according to some radio/TV schedule (I listen to mine mostly on the train to work).How can I get one?All you need is a podcatcher and, as there are several of these software applications available, Juice is one I like very much and which you might want to download (there's plenty of help under support on the same…