How to create a podcast

There are 7 steps to podcast heaven:
  1. Have a clear subject for the podcast, something interesting, engaging, passionate, perhaps
  2. Decide format - single voice, one-to-one interview, group discussion, how long, include music, jokes...
  3. Prepare storyboard of podcast (if you wish)
  4. Record the podcast (with Audacity - see below)
  5. Clean it up (again, using Audacity) as appropriate, by taking out unwanted noises and pauses - although don't try to make it too 'perfect': the odd fluffed line or mistake, or background noises won't detract from your message and can often add a little humanity
  6. Export to MP3 (rather oddly, you'll need to download a little plug-in, the LAME MP3 encoder, but there is clear guidance here)
  7. Upload it to your blog and publish (see How to publish an embedded audio podcast in Blogger)

Download Audacity, a free, easy-to-use audio editor and recorder. It really is quite straightforward and you can usually just download audacity and begin to record and edit. For further help, Audacity's own help page is excellent, including tutorials, tips, wiki, user guides and reference manual. And there's a series of well-crafted audacity tutorial videos online (thanks to How to Podcast):

More creating podcasts resources:


  1. As a member of the Web 2.0 course, I was given the chance to make a podcast, and it is wonderfully easy, and has great potential for learning.

  2. Thanks Bethan - that's really kind! :-)


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