The Open Music Archive

Under copyright law, a music recording has two automatically assigned property rights: 
  1. A musical composition has a property right;
  2. a recording has a separate and independent property right.
These property rights are limited (in the UK) by the term of copyright in:
  • a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work to the life of the author plus 70 years;
  • a sound recording to 50 years from the date of recording. 
Artists Ben White & Eileen Simpson have created The Open Music Archive, which attempts to gather recordings and information about recordings whose proprietary interests have expired and make them accessible to a wider public.

Much of this music, although legally in the public domain, is tied to physical media (for example gramophone records) and locked away in archives or private collections which are not widely accessible. And now it is - and it is tremendous! 

All of the sound files here are held in common by society as a whole, so have a listen, pass the link on, use the music in your podcasts...