Something rich and strange: Caliban's Island

I came to The Tempest by way of Eliot's fragments in The Waste Land, so the original play was mysterious and enigmatic to me even before I read it. And, of course, reading a play designed for performance is not the best way to come to it - which is why I was very excited about Somesuch Theatre's production of 'Caliban's Island' on Saturday.

And it was enthralling. 'Caliban's Island' is The Tempest re-imagined and re-told by and through the mischievous spirits of the island after the play is over - a brilliant conceit, brought to fruition by a wonderful production and a really engaging couple of hours in the talented company of Somesuch Theatre's company.

It's easy to imagine the spirits re-telling their story again and again on the magical island as the years unfold: Long continuance, and increasing,/Hourly joys be still upon you!


  1. I thought it was great; due to the narrative segments it was always fast paced and never boring. And you could get a good grasp of what was actually going on through the compressed/reduced format.

  2. Absolutely - I also liked device of tapping out that particular rhythm on the floor/stage like a recurring motif, really driving things along.

  3. I also went and I really enjoyed it! It worked well how each spirit took on different characters, and the cast was full of energy and life. Fabulous!


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