Guide to Google Scholar

An excellent guide to Google Scholar and other Scholarly Search Engines has been brought to my attention by Linda from Library Services - do, please, you are welcome (urged!) to make use of it with your students.

This from Linda's (and Lisa's) Blog:

Google Scholar is Google's academic search engine, aimed at finding published material like journal articles, books, technical reports etc of relevance to students and researchers in higher education. As a librarian I recognise its value for our students, but want them to be aware of its strengths and weaknesses - hence the Library Guide mentioned above.

I would also like to make a plea for people to make more use of Google's Advanced Search, which allows you to not only makes the use of the Boolean 'and' and 'or' more obvious, but also allows you to refine your search to different domains like .ac, or looking for different formats such as .pdf. This results in fewer, more relevant results.

Any comments on my Library Guide would be most welcome as I'm always looking to improve it.

You can contact Linda here: