Twitter for Teaching

Nigel Robertson reports the following fascinating pilot project using Twitter.

"We are currently running a pilot using Twitter ... Trainee teachers are tweeting while they are out on teaching practice. They need to tweet at least 3 times per day and we've asked them to answer

  • What are you learning right now?
  • What do students say about their learning right now?
  • Where are you learning right now?
  • What are you going to do next?
  • What is getting in the way right now?
  • what are you thinking about learning?

...the tweets are the raw stuff of reflection, able to be revisited later and also forcing the trainees to externalise their thoughts on the learning process for themselves and their students.

Our trainee teachers are posting tweets by text message (SMS) on their mobile phones. This means that they are not tied to finding a computer or internet access and allows them to tweet as soon as possible after an event.

The pilot is just in week 3 but we can already see some great insights into the learning process coming through. 140 characters doesn't appear to be a limit on information flow either as people are forced to isolate the key points with no verbiage attached."

Thanks Duncan for heads up on this one.