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WebCT Known Issue

From Central e-Learning Team: Just to let you know that we are aware ofaproblem with WebCTand havereferredthe following detailsto Blackboard:We are receiving reports of "Microsoft JScript compilation error" messages appearing when users log in to WebCT. Below are the details that we have managed to glean:We received the first report on Monday 28 September 2009 and we believe that the problem started recently.
When they appear, four or five "Syntax error" messages are displayed in quick succession.
Users must close each error message in order to proceed.
The error occurs at the point when users log in, after they have submitted their usernames and passwords and while the My WebCT/Blackboard page is being rendered.The problem appears to be specific to Internet Explorer 7 running on particular PCs; most users with IE7 do not experience this problem.The problem is not specific to a user account.
The sequence of error messages only occurs when the user first logs in to WebC…

Recent e-Learning Publications

Three new publications showcasing recent JISC research into curriculum design and the needs and aspirations of digital learners were launched at the recent Association for Learning Technology conference in Manchester. The reports aim to inform curriculum development and disseminate good practice for universities and colleges looking to respond to students’ views on e-learning and prepare them for study in a digital age.

JISC programme manager Sarah Knight said: “Two of these publications draw together the latest findings from JISC’s £11.36 million e-learning programme which ended in March 2009, and show the central role technology is playing
in enhancing the curriculum design processes and practices in UK colleges and universities.”

‘Responding to Learners’, is a resource pack which offers recommendations on how institutions can better respond to learners’ expectations and uses of technology, as well as practical guidance on how to embed learners’ voices more effectively into institution…

JISC Advance

The new not-for-profit organisation JISC Advance launched this month. JISC Digital Media is now working together with seven JISC services to provide a joined-up service for those working within the education sector.JISC Advance has brought together the collective expertise of eight established JISC services to address the new and challenging requirements emerging within the education and research communities and beyond:JISC Digital MediaJISC infoNetJISC LegalJISCMailJISC NetskillsJISC ProcurewebJISC RSC UKJISC TechDisJISC Advance say that they will provide a comprehensive source of knowledge and support, inspiring progress through technology to meet individual needs. To find out how JISC Advance can assist your organisation, please visit the website.

British Library world and traditional music archive is now free online!

The British Library has just placed its entire world and traditional music sound archive online for free access.
The archive includes over 28,000 recordings dating back as far as 1898 and includes recordings made in such diverse locations as Botswana, Nepal, Kiribati and, er, England. The word ‘music’ is used here in the sense employed by John Cage, encompassing such things as an Assamese woodworm chewing on a window frame. All recordings are available free of charge for non-commercial research, study and private enjoyment.
Find it here:
Try this one for a few workplace moments of bliss...