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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

WebCT Known Issue

From Central e-Learning Team:

Just to let you know that we are aware of a problem with WebCT and have referred the following details to Blackboard:

    We are receiving reports of "Microsoft JScript compilation error" messages appearing when users log in to WebCT. Below are the details that we have managed to glean:

    We received the first report on Monday 28 September 2009 and we believe that the problem started recently.
    When they appear, four or five "Syntax error" messages are displayed in quick succession.
    Users must close each error message in order to proceed.
    The error occurs at the point when users log in, after they have submitted their usernames and passwords and while the My WebCT/Blackboard page is being rendered.

    The problem appears to be specific to Internet Explorer 7 running on particular PCs; most users with IE7 do not experience this problem.

    The problem is not specific to a user account.
    The sequence of error messages only occurs when the user first logs in to WebCT after starting the browser; the problem does not occur when logging in a second time unless the browser has been closed.

We are currently awaiting a response and will let you know the outcome.

Message Ends.

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