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Thursday, 19 November 2009

JISC publishes funding roadmap for 2009/2010

The tagline is 'UK education is to benefit from over £7 million in grants and funding opportunities'. They say: 

Over the next nine months JISC will be investing in a range of projects across universities and colleges to support innovation in research, teaching and learning to aid the management of institutions. Projects will range from 12 months to three years in duration.

Among the areas JISC will be funding are:

  • Cloud computing for research
  • Learning and teaching innovation grants
  • Business modelling and sustainability for online content and collections to develop best practice
  • A ‘digipedia’ prototype to bring together resources, standards, best practise and expertise on the digital content lifecycle
  • Shared best practice for university researchers working with business and community groups
  • Access and identity management

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