WebCT Downtime

WebCT will be unavailable from 12:30am on Saturday, 21 November 2009 for a period of up to two hours. This downtime is required to amend the SSL settings and resolve a number of issues.

Just before the start of the Autumn Term there was an attempt to remove SSL encryption from all WebCT traffic. As Blackboard were not able to complete the process within one hour as planned, the attempt was abandoned and the original settings were restored. Since then, Blackboard have been investigating the reasons for the failed attempt and we have reached the point where we are ready to try again. The planned downtime has been extended to a maximum of two hours and scheduled for the early hours of Saturday morning to minimise disruption. Please let the Central elearning team know if you are aware of any significant reason why this work should not go ahead as planned: elearnteam@lists.bham.ac.uk