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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New Jiscmail Site

Image Doesn't sound very exciting, does it? However, it's a REALLY nice looking, well designed and easy to use site - top marks!
The National Academic Mailing List Service, known as 'JISCMail', is a service designed specifically for the further and higher education and research communities and is one of a number of services provided by JISC Advance therefore making it (according to Jisc) "the foremost strategic collaboration tool within the academic community."

JISCMail uses the world wide web and e-mail to enable groups of academics and support staff to talk to each other and to share information. There are thousands of groups covering many categories. If you are unable to find a group on your chosen subject and you can satisfy the JISC criteria, you may start a group of your own.

The site, www.jiscmail.ac.uk, was designed to be easier to navigate, taking into account all relevant feedback from JISC customers, and it certainly looks intuitive at first use.

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