Music and Copyright - a minefield

A pretty amazing diagram showing the flow of rights and royalties concerning music copyright. Confused? You betcha!

Jisc suggest that as the music industry has evolved (and continues to) over the last decades, copyright law has been re-jigged, re-hashed with areas re-defined and bolted on the side. One company, who deal with music licensing, has mapped the mess together in this graph, a fitting tribute to the confusion which now abounds.

Follow this link for the full size version


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  2. It's back! It was something called 'featured image' and it threw me into a mild panic when I saw our lovely photo at the head of the blog replaced by this copyright spaghetti picture! Fortunately, it came back quite soon :-)

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  4. Hi Oliver - thanks for the feedback; my best guess is that it shows up once and then never again, so would you mind having another look at the site..?


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