Daily e-Learning Documents

"Today sees the start of a fortnight where we will be releasing one new advice document a day" - actually JISC complete that statement with an exclamation mark, but I'm uncertain it's such happy news: when do we get the chance to read all of this? Some days I feel that all this stuff is coming at me from all over the world and it all looks so great and so interesting. As I don't have an e-reader, I invariably print the documents out (two pages to A4 and double sided to ease my conscience at least a little) and put it in a pile of papers that is steadily growing (unmanageable). Such is our professional existence in the information age - skipping from small task to small task and finding it difficult to see the broader canvass...

Hope I haven't skewed the context for the introduction of what looks like the usual high quality JISC stuff: Introduction to e-Learning, which is 'aimed at practitioners who are just starting out in incorporating e-learning into their teaching, this document will demystify the term, outline key terminology and its relevance, and introduce commonly used e-learning terms.'