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Friday, 1 October 2010

What research has to say for practice

Following on from JISC's daily pinta elearning, this set of guides from ALT is pretty spectacular, I have to say - a really good evidence-based introduction to many important areas of learning with technology. There are ten guides in all, as follows:

a) Tutoring on-line – Gilly Salmon and Mike Keppell

b) Web-based course design – Robin Mason and Frank Rennie

c) Learner acceptance of on-line learning and e-learning – Allison Littlejohn and Brian Whalley

d) Learning objects and repositories – Allison Littlejohn and John Cook

e) Learning using mobile and hand-held devices – Mike Sharples and Agnes Kukuluska-Hulme

f) On-line communities – Frank Rennie and Mike Keppell

g) Technology-supported assessment – David Nicol

h) Learning environments – Bob Banks and Gilly Salmon

i) Using social software in learning – Frances Bell and Frank Rennie

j) New Literacies – Doug Belshaw

Here's the landing page: http://wiki.alt.ac.uk/index.php/What_research_has_to_say_for_practice

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