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Recording TV Programmes for Educational Use

The University currently holds a licence with the Education Recording Agency (ERA) which permits recordings of broadcasts to be made for non-commercial educational use. The ERA has stated that a 'broadcast' is defined as a transmission for simultaneous and lawful reception by members of the public i.e. it is not encrypted or encoded and is for general reception, unlike pay per view services. The ERA Licence therefore covers scheduled free to air broadcasts on:

BBC television and radio (all channels)
ITV Network services (including ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4)
Channel Four
E4, More 4 and Film 4
Five Television (including Five, FiveUSA and Fiver)

The Learning Resources Team in Academic Services can organise having an off-air recording made for you - you will need to give them some notice, though. More info here:

elearnCAL Training

[caption id="attachment_579" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="LCAHM in their Turnitin session"][/caption]

In 2010 we've delivered training to small groups of teaching staff on technology for learning enhancement. Two particular groups (LCAHM and History & Cultures) were trained to used the new Turnitin 2 interface for submitting assessed work and giving feedback. Turnitin 2 is not merely a plagiarism detection tool. It is also a tool for online assessment and feedback. It allows the tutor to insert pre-existing comments into the text about syntax, grammar or content. It also allows the tutor to create their own standard comments, therefore making it more personal to the tutor. A wonderful tool which needs to be utilised further.

Another tool that was demonstrated was Wimba Voice Email Feedback, already used by some staff in the College. Wimba Voice Email feedback allows the tutor to send the student voice feedback through WebCT. Th…

Dissemination with mince pies!

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elearnCAL is organising its Dissemination Event for Educational Enhancement for 2010, to be held on Thursday the 16th of December, 11-12  in the Danford Room (2nd floor Arts Building). There will be three speakers as well as mince pies for that festive spirit!

The themes will be:

Mind Maps for Learning Enhancement
Feedback via Voice Email
Evidencing e-learning in CAL

The presentations will also be made available on this blog for downloading.

All are welcome!