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In 2010 we've delivered training to small groups of teaching staff on technology for learning enhancement. Two particular groups (LCAHM and History & Cultures) were trained to used the new Turnitin 2 interface for submitting assessed work and giving feedback. Turnitin 2 is not merely a plagiarism detection tool. It is also a tool for online assessment and feedback. It allows the tutor to insert pre-existing comments into the text about syntax, grammar or content. It also allows the tutor to create their own standard comments, therefore making it more personal to the tutor. A wonderful tool which needs to be utilised further.

Another tool that was demonstrated was Wimba Voice Email Feedback, already used by some staff in the College. Wimba Voice Email feedback allows the tutor to send the student voice feedback through WebCT. This is particularly useful if you want to make feedback more personal, interactive and add the human voice to a process which may seem formal and cold. In an age when NSS scores are all-important, anything that may help with improving the score is welcome. And Wimba Voice Email for feedback is very easy.

For guides to using Turnitin and Wimba Voice go to the Training Documents page.


  1. Your Champion is very proud! Excellent stuff. Makes me want to use both of these straight away...

  2. Great! We can arrange a CPD day for your School...


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