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Training on Wednesday – Google Docs

What is it? This session will explore the following:

Google documents: an overview
Creating and sharing a document
Importing and exporting documents
Slideshows, spreadsheets and forms

Who is it for? Anyone who works on documents collaboratively. Google Docs enables users to work on an online, securely stored document, meaning that there are no attachments going back and forth in emails.

What will you need to do before the session? Just create a Google account on and bring your login details along

When? There are two chances to take this session:

Wednesday 2nd February 12.00-13.00
Wednesday 9th February 13.00-14.00

Click here to download a calendar of all elearnCAL training sessions this term.

Where is it? G42, Arts Building

See you there!

Training on Wednesday - WebCT: the basics

What is it? This session will explore the following, but will also be responsive to things that you wish to explore:

Requesting a section
Uploading, navigating and deleting files, folders and Web links
Enrolling users
Making WebCT beautiful

Who is it for? The session will be useful if you have never used WebCT before, or if you have, but have forgotten or your memories of it are now pushed into a dark and dusty corner of your psyche..

What will you need to do before the session? Be happy and look forward to a very practical and hands-on session.

When? There are two chances to take this session:

Wednesday 26th January 12.00-13.00
Wednesday 2nd February 13.00-14.00

Where is it? G42, Arts Building

See you there!

BlackBoard - forced migration?

Interesting post over at the 'e-Literate' blog - apparently the shift from BlackBoard 8 to BlackBoard 9 is so big that it's being seen as a 'forced migration'. In which case, it's a golden opportunity to move to an alternative Learning Management System (LMS) - and this is happening right now as Duke University are apparently moving to the open source LMS 'Sakai'. Watch this space...

e-Assessment Resources

The efutures website focuses on regulatory principles associated with e-Assessment and provides resources and information of relevance to the four countries of the UK. The regulatory bodies (the SQA in Scotland, DCELLS in Wales and CCEA in Northern Ireland) have provided input to the information provided.

The website features case studies, news, events and principles for key areas of e-Assessment:

Systems and security (e.g. operation, validity, reliability)
Accessibility (e.g. avoidance of barriers to new technology)
e-portfolios (use of e-portfolios for assessment)
Help and support (e.g. system familiarisation for assessors)
e-testing (e.g. test conditions, automatically generated tests).

A useful efutures toolkit is also included in the site, which features guidance, templates, resources and relevant case studies on e-Assessment. The toolkit focuses on e-testing, e-portfolios and roles and responsibilities, providing an overview of each area, the key benefits and a journey of evidence for …

No WebCT this weekend

A reminder that WebCT will be unavailable between 4:00pm on Friday, 7 January and 8:30am on Monday, 10 January 2011.

You could always do this instead :-)