e-Assessment Resources

The efutures website focuses on regulatory principles associated with e-Assessment and provides resources and information of relevance to the four countries of the UK. The regulatory bodies (the SQA in Scotland, DCELLS in Wales and CCEA in Northern Ireland) have provided input to the information provided.

The website features case studies, news, events and principles for key areas of e-Assessment:

  • Systems and security (e.g. operation, validity, reliability)

  • Accessibility (e.g. avoidance of barriers to new technology)

  • e-portfolios (use of e-portfolios for assessment)

  • Help and support (e.g. system familiarisation for assessors)

  • e-testing (e.g. test conditions, automatically generated tests).

A useful efutures toolkit is also included in the site, which features guidance, templates, resources and relevant case studies on e-Assessment. The toolkit focuses on e-testing, e-portfolios and roles and responsibilities, providing an overview of each area, the key benefits and a journey of evidence for implementation. The resources sections features documents such as an e-Assessment strategy template, e-testing role matrix, e-testing process checklist and e-portfolio functionality checklist amongst others. Thanks to http://rsce-assessment.blogspot.com/ for the heads up - here's the site if you fancy a look: http://e-assessment.org.uk/