Historical Characters (and Periods) Murdered in Songs Shock

The Spanish Inquisition done to the Human League's Fascination, Leonardo da Vinci done to Dear Prudence, Napoleon to the Violent Femmes... YouTube Channel 'History for Music Lovers' (sic) - this is one of the oddest treatments of history that I've seen and the people behind it have clearly put a lot of work into it and I've absolutely no idea if it has an educational use... any suggestions?

Anyway, my fave is The Canterbury Tales done to California Dreaming - Pilgrims leavin' town/on a long journey - sing along!



  1. This - this is awesome! Speechless with delight.

  2. Did u see Beowulf one? http://www.youtube.com/user/historyteachers#p/search/2/yiBaSqO7n9U
    Anglo Saxon Poetry/From circa 750AD

  3. Yep! I have forwarded it on to students for their considered opinion...!


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