Jisc Copyright and Digital Media Seminar

Can a student display a piece of art in a University public gallery that contains sampled commercial music?

What are the legal implications of renting DVD's bought from Amazon to students in our library?

Who owns the copyright of research output? Researchers? Institutions? Journals?

Where do I start in ascertaining rights of a collection of images I wish to digitise?

How can I easily get students permission when recording them in lectures?

These are just a short selection of questions which arose during the last JISC Advance Copyright and Digital Media Seminar. There's another coming up in about a month, and it covers real world case studies of practitioners tackling right issues, and offers a chance for questions relating to your own projects to be answered.

So, there are apparently still a few places left at Jisc's next Seminar in London on the 9th of March.