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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sending Files over the Internet

There are a lot of different file hosting sites on the Internet.

Here's one flagged by the good people of JISC - which, as they point out, is particularly suited to educational purposes.  It's called ifile.it and it's perfect for distributing files such as articles or assignments that don't need to be accessible forever, or for sharing documents between colleagues.

Once you've created a free account you simply upload your file.  When the upload is completed you are presented with three links, a short, Bit.ly-style link that you can send to your intended recipients, a full link (for the sake of completeness) and a link that will delete the file.  A button allows you to post the short link on Facebook, tweet it or notify others about it with minimal effort.  And that's it.  People don't need an ifile.it account to download your file.  They just click on the link you supply them, confirm the download and that's it.

Files can be up to 300MB in size and there is no limit to the number of files you can upload.  If a file isn't downloaded for 10 days it is automatically deleted.

Tried it; it works - what more do you need?


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