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MOOC (Mobile Learning)

Uh? Minnie the Mooch? Nope: MOOC is a 'Massive Open Online Course' and Wikipedia tells me that it is "an educational online event with an agenda or a schedule, facilitated around a subject or topic. Students are invited to take an active role in the course in forming an active learning network" and that "A student or participant in a MOOC has to create a Personal Learning Network (PLN) and has to create an online presence in a blog or a website and has to stay connected."

Why am I telling you this? Because a new MOOC has been opened up - if you're interested in what's going on with Mobile Learning, then this might well be the place for you. Have a look round the wiki that houses the course and if you decide to join up via the Google Group, I'll see you online (because I just joined): mobiMOOC

Here's a video to explain it...

However, if you're not convinced, don't have the time or just don't care, here's Cab Calloway with Minnie …

Training next Wednesday: Blogs for Education

Next Wednesday's session will focus on the value of blogging for education. The session will give an overview of the uses of blogging in HE, giving particular examples and demonstrating how it can be a useful tool. It will also assess the functionality and value of blogs, and demonstrate various blogging platforms. The session will eventually focus on Wordpress, demonstrating how to start a blog, how to manage content and appearance, and how to write posts.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this session, learners will:

be able to discuss the value of blogs and their limitations
have discussed basic principles of blogging for learning in HE
be able to manage their own blog

The session will be held at 12pm in Room G42 in the Arts Building.

To book a place email To download a timetable of our training courses, click here.

Training next week: PowerPoint Multimedia

What is it? This session will explore how to use multimedia in a PowerPoint presentation, looking specifically at:

Embedding Movie Files in your slides

Embedding Sound Files in your slides

Linking slides to online movie clips

Who is it for? Anyone who wishes to use various multimedia in PowerPoint

What will you need to do before the session? If you already have either a movie clip, or sound file that you wish to use in your presentations, then please bring them along. Don’t worry if you don’t, we can use generic materials on the day.

When? There are two chances to take this session:

Wednesday 9th March 12.00-13.00
Wednesday 16th March 13.00-14.00

Click here to download a calendar of all elearnCAL training sessions this term.

Where is it? G42, Arts Building

See you there!

Teacher Training Videos

I discovered quite a nice site as a result of watching a presentation at the ideas exchange yesterday: - Russell Stannard has made himself a nice little niche in producing brief but very useful screencast howtos about technology in support of learning. Russell also very helpfully shares how he does it, what software he uses, etc. - and I'm very interested in the freebie screen toaster, so I'll get back to you with a screencast once I've tried it out.

As a language teacher, there is lots to support language teaching, but this is such a great resource for any subject - just a few of the useful looking videos are survey monkey, quiz making, podcasting and introduction to Twitter.

Here it is again:

The College of Production

A fabulous bells and whistles website with tips from the best of the best in all aspects of capturing sound and visuals. Our educational environment is going to be increasingly online and multimedia, so this is clearly going to be of great benefit in the not too distant future...

The site has short, sharp tips, podcasts and videos about television, radio and online skills supported by some excellent podcasts and videos - I liked the ones about interviewing, as the team are planning to carry out some video interviews some time soon.

Thanks to JISC for the heads up on this one - they point out that content can be adapted to support a range of academic subjects and the videos can be embedded within WebCT.

The College of Production

Audio Feedback

I am giving a presentation on audio feedback tomorrow, as part of the central eLearning team's 'ideas exchange' sessions. I like the format of these sessions: 2 x 25 minute sessions, each consisting of a short presentation (5-10 mins max) which acts as a trigger for audience debate/feedback. I attended the first of these last week and was impressed by both presenters and two interesting topics.

In advance of my own presentation tomorrow, I just thought I'd blog in acknowledgement of the majority of my source for the presentation - I had wanted to start from the research on audio feedback and a quick internet trawl showed me that Steve Bond from LSE had already done much of the work I was planning to do in this report - and the LSE seem to have a pretty forward-looking website called LSE Research Online under a Creative Commons licence. So here's the attribution (and thanks Steve, great report!):

Bond, Stephen (2009) Audio feedback. Centre for Learning Technology, Lon…

Teaching and Learning Conference 2011

The 8th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference will take place from Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th June 2011 in Muirhead Tower. This year, the keynote speech will be given by Professor Sir Robert Burgess.

The theme of the conference is Student Achievement and the sub-themes are:

Enhancing student achievement through innovation and curriculum development;
Student achievement through the student lifecycle, from pre-arrival to post-graduation;
Student achievement of transferable skills;
Widening participation and student achievement.

Call for Speakers and Poster Presentations

All staff of the University are cordially invited to submit proposals to speak or make a poster presentation at this year's conference.  To submit a proposal, please download, complete and return one of the following word documents:

Speaker Proposal Form
Poster Proposal Form

Proposals for sessions in other formats will be considered.

Completed forms, and alternative proposals, should be sent by email to cladenquiries@conta…

Wo ist denn der Kopierer?

You'll have to go to this excellent post about plagiarism to find out what's going on - well worth it!