Audio Feedback

I am giving a presentation on audio feedback tomorrow, as part of the central eLearning team's 'ideas exchange' sessions. I like the format of these sessions: 2 x 25 minute sessions, each consisting of a short presentation (5-10 mins max) which acts as a trigger for audience debate/feedback. I attended the first of these last week and was impressed by both presenters and two interesting topics.

In advance of my own presentation tomorrow, I just thought I'd blog in acknowledgement of the majority of my source for the presentation - I had wanted to start from the research on audio feedback and a quick internet trawl showed me that Steve Bond from LSE had already done much of the work I was planning to do in this report - and the LSE seem to have a pretty forward-looking website called LSE Research Online under a Creative Commons licence. So here's the attribution (and thanks Steve, great report!):

Bond, Stephen (2009) Audio feedback. Centre for Learning Technology, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK. (Unpublished)

(btw the bibliography is pretty much a sweep of current practice in UKHEI audio feedback)