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Great name for a nifty little service - crop youtube videos in the browser if you only want to share a teeny little bitty bit of a video. Here's SnipSnip.It - and here's one I did v. quickly from Midnight Cowboy, the bit where somebody is actually nice to Joe:

cropped with SnipSnip

Free online access to all Routledge Education journals throughout April 2011

Nuff said, get to it quick if you don't already have access:

(thanks to

MyBham Downtime from 5.30 today (3 hours)

Please note my.bham will be taken down on Monday 11th April  from 17:30 for approximately 3 hours for final essential maintenance. This will allow the Systems Team to complete the final preparations for upgrading the software used by my.bham (in readiness for the Banner upgrade).

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elearnCAL on-demand training: book now!

The training courses elearnCAL offered during the spring term went extremely well. The 16 sessions (over 8 weeks) were very well attended (over 100 participants) and the feedback was on the whole very encouraging (report to follow). Recommendations from participants have created more demand for the courses, so....

We are happy to announce elearnCAL-on-demand. We will happily run the following courses for groups of 8 and more. Just find a suitable date and time and let us know what you'd like us to deliver. We will also be planning a new series of courses, alongside the existing ones, to run from October 2011, but more on that story later.

Here are the available courses:

WebCT: the basics

Google Docs

PowerPoint for Beginners

Wimba Voice Formative Feedback


Wikis for Education

PowerPoint Multimedia

Blogs for Education

Downloading and converting videos

Microsoft Office Picture Manager

To arrange a group booking for any of the above courses, just contact Alte…

elearnCAL in Panopto

The team have been asked quite often lately about webcasting, which is about being able to capture whatever you want to and broadcast over the internet. So we took a day out today to learn how to use the Panopto software - we produced a video (below), which is pretty hit and miss in some ways, but then, so are we! However, I think it does a great job in quickly and (reasonably) easily getting content across to people, and it will capture video, screens and PowerPoint presentations. We will very soon produce some training materials and put together a session on using Panopto for lecture capture or Vodcasting - or whatever you fancy doing with it, so watch this space...

Test Panopto