elearnCAL in Panopto

The team have been asked quite often lately about webcasting, which is about being able to capture whatever you want to and broadcast over the internet. So we took a day out today to learn how to use the Panopto software - we produced a video (below), which is pretty hit and miss in some ways, but then, so are we! However, I think it does a great job in quickly and (reasonably) easily getting content across to people, and it will capture video, screens and PowerPoint presentations. We will very soon produce some training materials and put together a session on using Panopto for lecture capture or Vodcasting - or whatever you fancy doing with it, so watch this space...


  1. Not sure you're link is operational?

  2. suddenly is now working OK

  3. Ah, glad it's sorted - and thanks for letting us know :-)


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