Current and upcoming courses by elearnCAL

We are very pleased to announce our next round of training courses, which will take place in the Autumn Term 2011-12.

Autumn Term 2011-12
The elearnCAL team will present a series of Wednesday lunchtime (12.00-14.00) training sessions in 2011 which will cover the following topics:

  • WebCT for advanced users

  • Working with audio files

  • Turning Point

  • Working with digital images

  • Video editing

  • Focus on Feedback

  • Powerful presentations

  • Grademark online assessment

For more information on these, but also currently available courses, go to our Staff Development page.


  1. BTW, did you know that Turning Point also works with Macs? There is something called 'Anywhere' which - while not integrated into the presentation software - allows you to do queries and get bar charts.

  2. That's very interesting Oliver and I think it's about time we started thinking about Mac users.

  3. Great!!! Looking forward to it!

  4. That sounds interesting!


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