Temenos Conference 2011

I’m sure it must have been done on a shoe-string, as costs were kept very low indeed – but it was highly professional, really well organised and very welcoming. There was (excellent) food, water and wine, and all delegate needs were met and then some. More to the point, it was at times very moving and I was made to feel a part of something very special indeed. I can’t say I have ever in my life been in a shared space where I knew that every single human being there:
  • trusted me and trusted that I trusted them 
  • empathised with me and trusted that I empathised with them
  • was themselves, wasn’t playing a role, was just real – and they trusted that I would also be real. 
It sounds so simple. And it is simple. But, this is the first time I have ever experienced it and it has had a profound impact on me. After having studied and written about Rogers and been inspired by him, I only now fully understand his ideas because – of course! – you can only truly learn by way of your own experience (as Carl Rogers points out very clearly). I didn’t get to meet many people, but the few people I did meet, I feel that I really did meet. So, thank you Rachel and thank you Marla and thank you John – and thank you to the presenters, every single one of whom touched me. I'll try to blog about the presenters soonish.

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