Value and Impact Toolkit

Even if you're not in love with the jargon, the Value and Impact Toolkit looks like a fantastically useful resource (and, actually, there are some very sensible and workable definitions of value, impact and other terms).

Overall purpose is to contribute to the evidence base for value and impact of student services in UKHE - however, it is of course transferable, so if you wish to evaluate the value and impact of any service, there's some great stuff here - including some excellent examples of questionnaires, interview schedules, consent forms and planning documents.

To be honest, there's so much here and on such a small and user-friendly site, that I'll just say have a look round and see what works for you:

(note I've passed the message on that some of the links to pdfs don't work (at least in Chrome) - under 'worked examples', although I was able to download the whole toolkit as zip file from the menu on the left).




  1. Thanks for the great review!
    Which of the PDFs are you having trouble opening? We will get our developer onto this as soon as possible once we know which links are broken. Also if there's a particular PDF you need, let us know at and we'll send it straight to you while any links are being fixed.

  2. You're welcome, Raegan - and congratulations on a great resource!

    I'll email you with details of pdfs etc :-)


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