Welcome to my person-centred web log!

Greetings and welcome to this blog, which is a development of the idea of using an online blog as a research diary, started a couple of years ago as A Long Way to Tipperary and if I'm honest, without so much real purpose or clarity. Discovering person-centredness has changed the way I approach just about everything in my life, so this blog reflects those changes.

I've been on fire about person-centredness after reading Carl Rogers' Freedom to Learn and then just about anything else that has been touched by this most human of 'theories' (because it is much more than a simple theory to be 'applied', it is A Way of Being).

Last weekend, I found a place where person-centred people gather, and that place is Temenos, which means ‘a space outside’, and their annual conference. More about Temenos and the time spent in their welcoming space in another post, but for now I’ll just say that this blog is my own Temenos, my own space outside where I can consider all things person-centred.

So.  I am ‘doing a doctorate’. Part-time. It’s part of juggling this with that. Work with Life and perhaps achieving a Balance. The Work-Life Balance. And it’s tough. Oh, how it is tough. Trying to squeeze this reading and writing and thinking into my life, around my work and my leisure and my home and all and all and all. Oh my oh my, what troubles, what difficulty...

Except it isn’t at all.What I’ve realised is that I am IMMERSED in this research, it touches every part of my life because it is all about being human, about me, about you, about being and being human. I already know myself as a self-actualising being and it is the self-actualising being that is doing the research, which is the same as being, unfolding, flowing, in the flow of time and experience. And the GREAT BIG THING that I’ve learnt this weekend is that it is MY time, which is the same as the Universe’s time, all time and no time – it is the flow, and the ebb, of time of the universe of me, of universes of me... and... and... well. Take a deep breath. Relax. Here and now boys, here and now. Suddenly I feel very easy about my deadlines, especially an impending research deadline in October, for which I need to produce ethical reviews and so on.

This will all happen as part of the flow as long as I just keep experiencing in the flow of being, experiencing person-centredness, autonomy, my me-ness. All else will happen as part of this flow, this connectedness.
In keeping with this, and echoing Temenos’ own ‘rebranding’ last weekend, I hereby change the name and function of this blog. It is not any more ‘A Long Way to Tipperary’, which suggests clock time and struggle and exhaustion, that won’t do it! Rather it is ‘As Wonderful as Sunsets’, running on Universe time, nature time, the rhythms of the natural world - expressing the joy, the beauty, in harmony, the gentleness and the... yes, the Wonder of natural human beings who find themselves and learn to love themselves and radiate that love, that sharing, that connectedness, outwards to all humanity. In terms of function of the blog, I will also reflect the overwhelming fact that the person-centred approach is suffused in my very being so that I will blog about anything and everything, although much of it will of course be ruminations on the person-centred approach, which is almost certainly applicable in all situations (I’m eager to be disproved, go for it!).