What's done and What's to do

What's done
  • I 'rebranded' the online research diary as I'd thought of it and it is now as wonderful as sunsets. 
  • I got myself organised and made solid plans for the next steps, which are...

What's to do
  • I need to plan the pilot interview and questionnaire events as part of my RMT4 assignment - before my hols. Sent email to my potential pilot interviewees today. Need to have: 
 - qnr completed (to modify with feedback suggestions)
 - interview schedule
 - informed consent form
 - debriefing sheet
  • I need to go through the RMT4 folder and make sure I've covered/read everything I need to. 
  • Write up notes from Temenos and PCA research from weekend of 18th June
  • Double check google tasks for assignment tasks