First research interviews

Made a bare-bones office feel a little warmer - there was water, coffee, some light classical music and a little incense (not too much though, as I did notice a smoke-detector). Life intervened in the form of missed communication over the correct building on campus... it's going to happen, we are human!

And, for the same reason, we adapted - we were looking to be short of time when we got together so we decided to have two interviews in one and so held a kind of mini focus group. And it was amazing! I haven't listened back yet or written anything up, but it felt like quite a ride and I'm so pleased that I took the whole person-centred researcher mode, as the two people who generously agreed to be interviewed expressed real pleasure at the idea that they would be co-researchers with me. So, I explained the research as best I could, Rogers' attitudes and Maslow's needs hierarchy and we were off. It felt like five minutes, but the time was up before we knew it and I feel pretty sure I didn't stick to my schedule hardly at all - however, the conversation felt very real and I feel confident that something important will emerge from it. A great experience and I'm very grateful to two very wonderful people who I feel I know a little better (and who of course will remain nameless).


  1. This person-centred approach is taking you on an interesting journey! Perhaps a room with comfier chairs and some flowers on the shelf could all add to the experience?

  2. Thanks for the advice - flowers seems like a great idea, and I'll certainly try to look around for comfier chairs next time, although I am stuck with what's on offer at the Uni. If I had my way, I'd put in for optional foot-massage during the interviews... ;)


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