Lecture Capture: a literature review

In preparation for next week's panopto learning lunch, stumbled across this useful summary of the state of play in 'lecture capture' - their overview is very interesting:

  • A recognition that few rigorous studies that show how lecture capture improves student performance, retention or satisfaction

  • There is a high demand for lecture capture from students

  • there seems to be growing enthusiasm from staff and students

  • that lecture capture is best implemented in the context of working with faculty members to design classroom environments that can potential of this tool to enhance learning.

  • lecture capture systems must be embedded in a larger methodology to support active learning in the classroom.

So, lots of questions - which is always a good place to start. The writers also address academic perceptions (grrr...), student perceptions (yay!) and the thorny issue of impact on student attendance (so, do students come to lectures when they can watch them online? answer in italics at bottom of this post). And much else in this short and helpful paper - fetch it here: http://eprints.lse.ac.uk/29184/

Secker, Jane and Bond, Steve and Grussendorf, Sonja (2010) Lecture capture: rich and strange, or a dark art? In: ALT-C 2010, 6-9 September 2010, University of Nottingham. (Unpublished)

Lecture Capture and student attendance. Quote: "In general, the recent literature (von-Konsky et all 2009; Russell and Mattick, 2005) suggests that recording lectures has a minimal impact on students attendance. However, the concern seems to persist despite evidence to the contrary."