Losing Your Work - it's tough but it happens

I am usually frantically belt and braces in my approach to files on computers, but sometimes accidents will happen.

I did four intensive hours of high quality work on the train to Grimsby the weekend before going on holiday/writing retreat. I didn't give the work much thought after that, as I was really busy in the week leading up to hols and the work was anyway on the same laptop I was taking with me.

After the first couple of days settling in and relaxing, I got ready for a full day's work to finish my assignment. 'Oh, flip" I said, when I realised the files were there no more. "Oh, bugger" I followed up. Mid-week, I'd 'tidied' my laptop desktop up, and replaced the Word file on the laptop with what is usually my master file from the home computer. A simple mistake, but it nearly did make me swear. And it was my mistake, but it annoys me that Word doesn't keep a revision history - I have plenty of memory and would have been easily able to retrieve the situation.

As it happens, I couldn't and it's taken me a couple of weeks to get even close to where I might have been - but, c'est la vie and at least I will now hopefully be a little more careful about tidying up...