More time to study

So, for fitting study in part-time: 2 hours daily - it all adds up and doesn't have to be all at one sitting, just use the timer... Also the other thing I learnt is don't let paper-based notes build up. It's very easy to forget what the hell you meant when you took the notes - I have 4-5 pages of notes from half a dozen different books to prove it... no clue and will have to do the work again! Best idea is to take the notes on paper, then immediately put them in the essay. That way, you also get the added advantage of refreshing your memory about the essay and what yet needs doing and what you're happy with.

So, I now have the weekend planned out - modifying the questionnaire from generous feedback and an interview schedule + debriefing sheets in readiness for the pilot research itself next week. Can't wait! I'm so relieved that I'm making progress again, as I've been a bit stuck lately. Not out of the woods politically, due to intractable people in the institution, but I'll keep pushing and making a nuisance of myself until I get there.