All-New Panopto

Finally got round to trying out the shiny new improved panopto. Here's what to do if you want to try it out. If you don't have panopto permissions, see here for the process. If you do, you will need to download and install the new recorder - do that here  (choose 'recorder' rather than 'remote recorder').

Two little difficulties along the way:

  • uninstalling the older version - but that may have been my own computer playing up;

  • logging in - don't forget the format is\yourusername

The new panopto screen doesn't look significantly different from the old one (in fact, I can't see any differences - I think that perhaps the editing screen might be a little better). Ollie at Learning Spaces is creating a new set of guidance materials to reflect any changes in the set up here - but I don't think we will, as the basic procedure remains pretty much the same (as far as I can see).

So. Just make your recording and wait for the email to see your beautiful work (the Panopto website may take a short while to process your video). Here's one I've just done to show students how to upload an assignment to Turnitin:

I downloaded the file (belt and braces) and have uploaded to Youtube in order to embed here in this blog, but you can very easily share your Panopto video via a 'public url' and you can also tweet the link or add it to Facebook, which could be very useful.

By the way, if you would like to send this particular video to your own students, simply send this link and it takes them to the youtube channel:


  1. This is very useful - perfect way of communicating with students now - brilliant!


  2. Thank you - please do feel free to pass it on :-)

  3. Thanks Ollie, that's good to know - and the email you get after the vid is processed does seem a lot more user-friendly. I love the idea of the omniscient Panopticians btw :-)


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