Panopto Upgrade - don't use it tomorrow (friday)

Learning Spaces are upgrading Panopto and reccommend not using it tomorrow. Goodies we can look forward to are (Panopto say! some of the descriptions here need a pinch of salt...):

  • Remixing – improved Panopto Editor has always allowed you to cut out unwanted sections of a recording, but now you can add in other recordings, sections of a different recording and combine recordings in various ways.

  • Search – Panopto continues to provide leading edge search performance with dramatic improvements to the search engine.

  • Editable Captions – Panopto has supported automated captioning services for years, and now users can easily modify those captions or create their own.

  • DVR-like functionality – Never miss a minute of a live broadcast even if you have a scheduling conflict. Start at the beginning at any time, rapidly seek to any previous moment, or “go live” and follow along in real time.

  • Social Media Integration – Panopto allows you to create posts on Facebook or Twitter about available recordings.

  • Sub-folders – The new hierarchical folder structure makes it easier to organize, manage and browse a Panopto library.

  • Easier sharing – Panopto has made several improvements to sharing using our management console.

  • Record, Broadcast, and Archive in HD – Panopto now allows full HD recording, broadcasting, and archiving for all recordings. See our support site for more details and system requirements.

Well, let's wait and see how it all works after upgrade, but certainly a better editor is something worthwhile. Watch this space. 

More info: