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Bringing down the walls?

"Closed, clunky to use, costly" - this is the man in this video talking about Learning Management Systems (LMS) and in particular telling us about Pearson's new free learning platform, Open Class.

Open Class is a bid to replace the administrative solution (or VLE) to education with a flexible, future-proof and open approach to supporting learning with technology. And did I say it's free, by the way? It's free. No licensing, no hardware, no hosting costs.

In truth, it's hard to say quite what's going on here - but as Google are involved as well, there's a good chance that this is going somewhere, so watch this space...

Click the pic for a link.

An encounter with Carl Rogers

Or an encounter group with Carl Rogers. I recently found and just watched it - it would be great if you'd watch it, too, then perhaps read my comments below the video and/or make your own comments about your own thoughts and feelings on the video.

The context is as follows (from YouTube) -  Release Date: 1968 Duration: 47 min (but note that the extract here ends quite suddenly and the whole is just over half an hour). Cast: Stanley Kramer. Journey Into Self is a documentary concerning a group-therapy session of eight well-adjusted people who have never met before. Doctors Richard Farson and Carl Rogers lead the group discussion which include a cashier, a theology student, a teacher, a principal, three businessmen and a housewife. The 16-hour session is edited to a revealing 47 minutes in which the participants reveal their innermost feelings, wants and needs in this engaging psychological study.

I have experienced one encounter group, at BAPCA's biannual conference - it was a …

The Mysterious Case of the Ashley Building

A very exciting photo-novel in weekly instalments in each of four languages (Basque, Catalan, Galician and Portugese) is being published by the amazing team at the Department of Hispanic Studies.

“The mysterious case of the Ashley building” will be published every other Monday in Basque, Catalan, Galician and Portuguese, and the last episode will be screened during a Christmas party before the end of the semester.

You can access the four versions already mentioned at the Galbascat blog and I'll link to the English versions when they are published (each friday) so you don't miss it!

Panopto Update

I'm writing this short post just to alert you to the changes I've made in the previous post, as Panopto have contacted us to point out that the previous post is not quite accurate - the workaround referred to is only necessary with downloaded videos and PowerPoint and Screen capture do still work together if viewed through a browser.

It's fair comment - and I really like that kind of responsiveness from Panopto, too!

Panopto Workaround - for downloaded videos

Please note that the following post refers to the downloaded files and Panopto will still show PowerPoint and screen capture together when viewed through a browser.

It seems there's a problem when you try to use both powerpoint AND record screen, in that Panopto doesn't like it one bit and decides to not show either...

Ollie has suggested that, in the absence of any sensible suggestions from Panopto, the best idea is to only use one or the other - ie, untick the choice of powerpoint or screen in the Panopto recorder, as highlighted in the image below:

I’ll keep you posted on further developments…