Panopto Workaround - for downloaded videos

Please note that the following post refers to the downloaded files and Panopto will still show PowerPoint and screen capture together when viewed through a browser.

It seems there's a problem when you try to use both powerpoint AND record screen, in that Panopto doesn't like it one bit and decides to not show either...

Ollie has suggested that, in the absence of any sensible suggestions from Panopto, the best idea is to only use one or the other - ie, untick the choice of powerpoint or screen in the Panopto recorder, as highlighted in the image below:

I’ll keep you posted on further developments…


  1. When do we get our money back from Panopto?

  2. Not privy to that kind of information... however, this is perhaps just teething trouble and I like the output when it does work. I'd be happier with the product if the login procedure wasn't so tricky and if the editor worked even half as well as movie maker.

  3. Hi Bilus,

    Our support team alerted me to this post and to your difficulty with the recorder. This is definitely not expected or designed behavior, and we'd be happy to help you resolve. I'll ask our local support people to get in touch.

    We've just completed some significant usability and performance updates to our editor, and if you're willing I'd like to put the lead editor developer in touch with you to get your feedback and demonstrate the changes. We're very interested in learning how we can improve, and we do our best to listen to our customers and act on their feedback.

    Thanks for your patience. Hopefully we can help you past this issue and restore your confidence in Panopto.

    Dave Hannan
    Panopto Inc

  4. Hi Dave, nice to hear from you, thank you! Ollie here at the Uni is liaising with your guys, so I'm sure it will be sorted soon - however, I'm always glad to offer feedback on your developing product. Cheers, Bill :-)

  5. Sounds good. I'll be in touch!


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