Entrepreneurial Online Learning

Some pretty amazing developments of late (reported here by the excellent Audrey Watters) in Higher Education course provision. Massive open online courses (or MooC) have been around for at least a couple of years, I don't think they've had the kind of cache that is now apparent - a Stanford Professor has left Standford to pursue online learning and... AND! and Stanford are apparently supportive of the move. Okay, so an especially entrepreneurial individual academic prefers to innovate solo - it's great, but perhaps not all that world-changing - however: a top-ranking world-class University is backing the project: THAT is significant!

Anyway, I've signed up for two of the courses, so I'll report on my progress and how I like (or not) the course experience. Why not have a look and see if there's something for you and let me know how it's going for you? The courses are available through Professor Sebastian Thrun's new online learning company, Coursera: take a free online course.


  1. This is great, and I'm definitely signing up to some of the courses.

    1. Fantastic! If you fancy keeping us updated, it would be nice to have some guest posts about your progress :-)


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