#launch48 - Wonderful Learning!

The Person-Centred Approach to learning as outlined by Carl Rogers made the case for standing back and letting learning happen so that persons can be all that they can be. I think I've just experienced something very like that in the Launch48 weekend that I've just experienced. This has been a learning experience that schools and Universities would do well to look to as a model of significant experiential learning - the organisers simply dipped in and out, giving loose guidance and were simply available and approachable as a resource; the mentors were so generous with their experience, their guidance and their constructive criticism - as well as the offer to stay in touch and stay involved (thanks Phil!); and the lauch48ers  - I suppose I can only talk about my own team, but I saw the same in others that I met - amazing, self-directive, open and dynamic people that I would never have met but for this event. I have to say, the various presentations were quite stunning and I can't wait to see how they might develop - inspirational! Thanks so much to EVERYBODY who took part, because we all made it what it became and what it became was, truly, wonderful. I look forward to staying in touch through the various social networks and, for my own team, in person in a couple of weeks to move things forward. I do feel like I've been launched, actually, and I guess I'll come back down to earth at some point - but I know I'm going to carry this experience with me as a model of truly significant learning. Oh, and phew, I'm exhausted!

And before I forget, go here for great, supportive people: