What's done and what's to do

This title runs throughout the blog and it's really a way of me keeping tabs on where I am in the whole doctoral research process - however, I feel that it's also potentially useful to share as a way of showing the process itself...

What's done
  • Began my Independent Study Research Module (ISRM) work - this is a very large step on the way towards writing the doctorate itself - it is composed of four chapters, including introduction, literature review and methodology - this is what I've done this week:
  • - incorporated notes from a meeting with my supervisor
    - dumped rough notes I'd taken about eLearning and pedagogy
    - included a very great deal of work from an earlier assignment, which I realised is both pretty good and relevant!
  • Read article about reflexivity - which turns out to have been written by a counsellor and referenced some person-centred research methodologists that I have already encountered, which is rather nice
  • Extensively reorganised and streamlined my 'doctorate' folder on PC and also backed it up
  • Updated a couple of refs in Endnote
What's to do
  • Write up reflexivity article
  • Start clearing and incorporating google tasks for ISRM
  • Incorporate work done on ethical review
  • Enter notes taken previously to ISRM
  • Read read read