11 Days in July - Google Power Searching

I started the Google Power Searching course 11 days ago - and just now took the test at the end (passed - getting a certificate!), which was quite tough and did manage to reinforce much of the stuff I'd been learning. I really enjoyed the challenge of taking the course, which was at quite a hectic pace, but it was really well organised and the course host has a fabulous relaxed style of presentation that was very easy to sit through. All in all, a fantastically enjoyable learning experience that will serve me well in all the searches I do from now on. There was an extra 'question' at the end that didn't count to my score, but a nice idea for feedback - choose the five mose useful or exciting things you've studied - mine were:
  • Use Google Books to help verify a particular type of answer
  • What matters in a query (word order does, but not capitalization or most punctuation)
  • WhoIs
  • Search by Image
  • site:
Unfortunately, registration is now closed for the course. However, although you will no longer be able to earn a certificate, you'll still be able to view the videos and do the online activities on your own starting July 24, 2012.

You could also pick up a lot of tips from Inside Search this video gives a quick overview of some of the main search features used...