Creating Videos for Business

Linda Sedloff Orton from has written an excellent article entitled Tips for Creating Business Videos That Customers Will Watch. I’ve used it to help make this video and I’ve added a few extra notes about the process here, mingling Linda’s thoughts with some of my own (trusting she’s okay with my cheek!). I would love to see comments on my video, how it might be improved – it is completely diy because that’s my philosophy, but I’m also after it being well-crafted and well-targeted so that it might encourage potential customers to engage further.
  • tell a creative story and include a call to action (‘get in touch for a free 30 minute online consultation’ – or you could simply ask people to visit your website)
  • make it informative and clever, show what makes your company and its services distinctive.
  • hook viewers in from the start
  • keep it short - 1-2 minutes (youtube is a short form content space) - note that half to three-quarters of a page of text will take around 2 minutes so don't overdo your written content!
  • movement is what really attracts about video, so keep it moving, shake it up a bit – perhaps use some animation from something as simple and easy to use as PowerPoint, which now exports as video (and which you can edit easily in MovieMaker or Garage Band). 
  • add text to reinforce - especially give the website, blog and twitter links at end – but remember that you should only ever have one communication channel available at a time, not listening AND reading at the same time (if it’s important)
  • use music and sound to engage and set a mood (you can search for ‘royalty-free music’ or go to this site for some good places to go - 10 Royalty Free Music Sites Every Online Video Creator Should Know - and make sure you give full attribution to the wonderful people that are sharing their good stuff with the world – for instance, the track I’ve used is ‘Acid Trumpet’ by Kevin MacLeod found here.
Linda talks of professional quality videos in her article, but she also gives a nice link to the best ‘prosumer’ video cameras – my own diy ethic has given me a slightly different slant in that I upgraded my android smart phone just a little and got the HE Sensation XE, which records 1080p HD video at 30fps. I don’t know what that means either, but – well, what do you think of the quality on the vid? I’m really happy with it! (mind, if I could change that landing thumbnail...).
I’ve nothing to add to Linda’s excellent tips – here they are in full… YouTube, of course, can be key to any video marketing strategy. Be sure your videos are properly titled, described and tagged on YouTube so they'll show up in Google and other search engines. Also post and publicize your videos through your social media channels, where you can encourage sharing and discuss the content.
Some more useful links about making videos for business here: