Power Searching with Google

I'm taking this excellent Google course that helps us to use Google to full advantage - learning how google works to become a better searcher. The course is broken up into six different classes, each with a set of lessons which begin with a short video. There are also activities to practice and test understanding. Being able to find knowledge more efficiently, saving time on every activity that we do (online - although note that some of this doesn't apply on tablets)... for instance, I've just done lesson two in class one and I had NO IDEA that it is possible to filter images by colour (sic) - white background is of course very useful for repurposing images. Colour also implies context - so using the 'black and white' filter will return mainly old photos or diagrams (which usually have white backgrounds). File under REALLY useful!

Sign up to the course here: http://www.google.com/insidesearch/landing/powersearching.html