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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Record from your WebCam

For some reason (a really dull one to do with updating systems etc) I found myself with the wrong kind of software for making a simple webcam recording yesterday. So, I played around for a while with one of the industry standard pro recording tools, which would have easily helped me make a fabulous picture in picture video of my screen, a PowerPoint presentation and me all together - but I could not find a straightforward way to just record me talking to the webcam (that isn't to say it's not there, but that it wasn't obvious). So, I looked around a couple of forums and somebody suggested Debut, which is free to download for non-commercial use...
...and it's brilliant! I was overjoyed after trying to get the bells and whistles software to do something simple for me and this is simply - install, open, talk to the camera, save - oh, joy!

On top of which, as I just wanted to clip the end off the video, I clicked on 'edit' and it downloaded a really nice (again free for non-commercial use) bit of software called VideoPad Video Editor.

Well done and thanks to NCH software for helping out with their excellent and intuitive stuff :-)

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