Embedding a video you can size on Google Sites - and the joy of helpful people

On my new website I created a video to personalise the site and to better explain my aims. I had worked out that if I hosted said video in Google Docs (now Drive), then I wouldn't have to show all the YouTube paraphernalia and, more importantly, I would be able to make it a more aesthetically pleasing size (and not the slightly too-big look of straightforward YouTube embedding...). So, I duly made the vid and was reasonably pleased with the quality and the performance - I embedded it on the main page and thought that was that - but my Twitter friend informed me that the Vid couldn't be played on Apple kit - no flash, apparently. Bugger. I quickly found an appropriate Google Group and was, over time, very gently helped towards a solution, which involves using a Google Gadget, which will take the YouTube embed code and allow you to size it in Sites.

I'm really happy to have been able to do this, but more than that, I'm really pleased there are such amazing people as Prac to keep visiting the Google Group and help people out. He has some great pages around and about and here's his Tips and Tricks for Google Sites.

A noteworthy mention to Stephen from www.steegle.com too - I'd found the solution by the time he chipped in, but how brilliant that he did - Steegle's a great site, by the way, well worth a visit!

Have a look at the video in context - what do you think? (and does it still work with Apple? It should, I tested it, but you never know, perhaps I'm just too anxious after all this and should just trust the tech...): www.wonderful-learning.com